Switch & Signal Skate Session

 Our first skate session of 2018!

We will be having small workshops on how a skateboard works, how to set one up, how to push, turn, and fall.  The remainder of the session will be a free skate for all attendants to practice their newly learned skills

To sign up click Event Registration in the menu above.  Hope to see everyone there!


Spring Events

With winter on it’s way out we’re getting ready to set up some spring events!

Our first Learn to Skate session for 2018 hasn’t been officially scheduled yet but we are working towards getting that set up in the next few weeks.

We will also be having an auction for hand painted skateboards from local artists in the Pittsburgh area.  All proceeds from that will go towards buying more skateboards and safety equipment.

If you would like to help volunteer at one of our events please send us an email over at info@pushinforapurpose.org  If you know of or have a child that is interested in skateboarding but doesn’t have the means of acquiring one, please head to the Event Registration page and fill out the required information.  We will keep your information on file and contact you as soon as events are planned.

Check back for more updates!

Nickels for Nonprofits

Starting on 9/25 at Whole Foods in Pittsburgh, Pa (Center Ave, Wexford and South Hills stores), we will be partnering with them for their Nickels for Nonprofit program.  Bring your own bag for groceries and donate your nickel bag refund to help us get more skateboards out there!  Every nickel counts! 

What’s been going on?

It’s been a couple weeks since we’ve posted about what’s been going on so far this spring.  More donations and hardware have been picked up in the last month so we should be getting more completes ready to go soon.  Our t-shirt and hat inventory is thinning out so snag one if you haven’t done so already.

We just wrapped up a skate jam in Wilkinsburg ,on 5/20, with our friends over at Trash to Thrash, Overcast Skateshop, Troika Skateboards, DNA Skateboards,  and the Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation.  It was a huge success and 26 complete skateboards were given out.  Before the complete giveaways a full instruction on how to build and ride these skateboards was given.

We’ll have some pictures uploaded from the event soon so be on the look out!

Spring is here!

With spring finally here and the streets and parks drying up, I’m sure we’re all ready to get out and start pushin’ around!  We’ve been anxiously waiting for this awesome weather to kick in. Now we can get out and start spreading the word for upcoming spring/summer events!

We hope to have some important dates coming up for you guys to mark down and save for some awesome events. Hopefully one of those dates will be our first build/skate day! But first we need to make sure our inventory is bulked up and ready to handle the demand.

On the donation front we’ve been getting tons of support from all of you and really appreciate all of the effort everyone has been putting forth.  Here’s a peak at what we have so far


Stay tuned and keep those new used hard goods coming!

Operation: “Let’s do this!”

February has been an insanely busy month but that’s a good thing!  Both Instagram and Facebook accounts are ready to go, with our YouTube channel in the works.  We hope to have some content uploaded to our channel in the next couple weeks, so be on the lookout for that.

On the donation side, used decks and completes have been pouring in!  We can’t believe how much support we’ve received from you guys over the last couple months, it’s unreal.

We also just picked up an order of trucks, wheels, bearings from our friends over at Overcast Skateboard Shop. We’re psyched to start building these completes and get them out on the streets.


Keep those used decks/donations coming and check back soon for more updates!